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Raven is a bringer of magic, prophesy, and intuition. Due to her dark plumage and carrion-eating ways, she is also associated closely with the liminal and death. When Raven flies into your life, expect great changes that may not be easy, but will allow you to soar in the end. Raven is also associated with several deities, one is of particular significance to me. The Mórrigan, a Celtic triple Goddess of battle and fate, has an aspect as Raven. She is also known as the Phantom Queen and is a key aspect of my personal spirituality. My depiction here is inspired by Mórrigan swooping by a battlefield to retrieve the sword of a fallen warrior before moving on to her next battle.

Each hand-painted piece in the Spooky Season Series includes a glow-in-the-dark moon. This piece features a waning crescent to indicate release and intuition.