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The Orange Dump Truck is out there doing his thing, fear-mongering and working towards the end of Democracy. It is *critical* that we do not become complacent. We must resist in every way possible, INCLUDING voting for the best candidates to oppose this nonsense. I’ll be keeping this page updated with insights and protest art as it evolves! Stay tuned and don’t forget to register and vote!

The Grand Plan

This article in the Atlantic summarizes a recent rally speech and clarifies why it is more important than ever that we do not allow the Retrumplican party to get control of congress!

Remember: the far right is playing the long game, so we need to think multi-step. BLOCK now, repair as we go.

Are You Registered?

Voting this year is so critical. Yes, I too want to burn it all down, but I believe we need to use every means possible, including working the existing broken system to our advantage. 

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