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Identification: Disco

My lovely wifelet works with kids all over the country. Many people would describe her job as “nanny” but I think it would be more accurate to call her a “life coach for minors”. She is great with neuro-divergent and gender nonconforming youth, and helps them through the struggles they face, with their parents’ express consent. She gives them a grown up ear that isn’t a parent, so sometimes she has long support chat sessions with teens. During one of these sessions, she told a stressed out transgender teen who felt “broken” that a disco ball is made of broken glass, but it reflects the light and is beautiful. His response was, “I identify as a disco ball, yes I do.” She thought this was so empowering that she asked me to make him a tee-shirt. So I did.

Free for personal use. Enjoy!

Example made with HTV from Heat Transfer Source.



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