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A blend for emotional healing. This is the perfect blend for rituals of loss and transition, to aid in the healing of hearts and minds. I developed this blend when a coven member joined the Ancestors. There is glitter in this blend, but it is a very small amount and I have used this without issue in my blends for years.

May contain*: aspen, benzoin, bergamot, chamomile, clary sage, glitter, mica, myrrh, oak, potassium nitrite, red rose

Made in small batches with magical timing, these blends are created from recipies I’ve developed over my years of practice. Large scale production doesn’t really work with my methods, so quantities will be limited!

Self-burning incense blends contain potassium nitrite in small amounts to keep the embers “sparking”. The best way to use these blends is by forming a cone or a line of incense in a fireproof container or over sand. Incense may also be sprinkled on hookah charcoal tablets.

Oils and tinctures are pre-diluted and safe for use on skin and for fixing candles and talismans. Of course, the oils ARE oily, so test for staining prior to use.

Bath salts are designed for use in ritual baths. I use a colorant designed to tint the water and not stain tubs, but do a stain test if concerned.

Made with high-quality essential oils and plant materials, please store them in a cool dry location for the longest shelf life. No guarantees are made regarding the magical effectiveness of these formulas, sold as a curio!

*Substitutions are occasionally made. For the sake of allergy notification and safety, do not use if you are sensitive to any of the ingredients listed.


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