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Deep-Sea Squid Animal Guide (Hand Painted)

This deep-sea squid, Octopoteuthis deletron, has a unique trait of shedding her tentacles as a defense strategy. The squid digs hooks in one of its tentacles into a predator and jets away, leaving the tentacle in the predator’s skin. This makes them the perfect avatar for anyone escaping from a dangerous situation. They also exhibit a bio-luminescence, which is reflected by the use of glow-in-the-dark pigments.

This sign is painted on a 1/4 inch thick plaque. Unless requested, it will not feature any hanging holes. A plate hanger is recommended for display.

Painted by hand in acrylic on birch and sealed in several coats of polyurethane. Each sign is ritually cleansed, consecrated, and smoked over an appropriate incense blend, before shipping.  As each item is hand-painted, small variations may occur.



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