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Sunflower for Ukraine Pin-back Button

Wear your heart on your sleeve! (Or your collar or jacket or handbag….)
Support the efforts of the Ukrainian people to retain their independence. The border is based on traditional Ukrainian embroidery, symbolizing the common people of Ukraine taking up arms to defend their homeland. The background and flower reflect the colors of the Ukrainian national flag, and the sunflower (the national flower) is a symbol of hope and enlightenment, as well as a source of energy (food) for Ukrainian strength.
One dollar of the purchase price for each sticker will go to support the efforts of a relocation team on the ground in Ukraine. This is a verified team of activists evacuating and resettling refugees, with low overhead, and person-to-person. Model and activist Rain Dove is posting regular updates of their efforts and is on the front line.
  • Pin-back button
  • High-quality process print
  • 1.25 inches diameter (31mm)


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