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Animal series progress: Fox and Bear

Recently I started working on my animal guides series and a few things have come out of this. First of all, I find that I am using a more painterly style with these signs, which is not evident in the Illustrator illustrations, so I’m debating about how to present these in the Zazzle store (if at all).

Illustrator vs. Hand Painted versions of Fox

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I am really enjoying working on these, but so far, have not gotten them into a production phase. After the Fox (my own Guide) I began work on the American Black Bear, because a friend had an upcoming birthday and I wanted to gift her with her Guide.

I’m not sure where I will go next with this series, but I definitely want to do more documenting of the process. I did a little bit of this with the bears:

As you can see, the golden footprints were a bit of an afterthought, but a good choice I think!

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