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Using hex signs as a focus

Many magical people like to use an object or an image as a focus for their work, specifically if they know that others will be using the same focus. This imbues the image or object in question with energy from multiple sources, allowing it to work as a lens and focus the energies sent through it.

I use the image in my head as a magical, meditative focus while I am crafting my designs and producing the hand-painted versions of them. When they are complete, I will often use the final product as a focus, especially for my activism work.

This method can be used regardless of your method of working for change. Whether you consider it prayer, petitioning, meditation, magic, or something else, having a focus can help to guide your work. I offer these printables as a way to provide focus for those who cannot (or don’t wish to) invest money in my craft and would prefer to put that money into practical application towards creating change via mundane methods as well.

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