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Giclee Prints now available!

I’ve been pondering how to make my art available to all and still make the hand-painted “original” versions worth doing for a while. Since discovering the high-resolution large-format scanner at the Cincinnati Library Maker Space, I began researching prints and how to produce high-quality prints at a reasonable price. While researching, I discovered the concept of “embellished” prints and thought it was an ideal compromise, given my use of specialty pigments that don’t pick up in photographs.

My first prints are now available for the Elemental series. The embellished prints will have a limited series of 25 each. Regular prints are open edition and I will keep getting prints made as long as they are selling! As always, I am still offering stickers, teeshirts, and other “merch”, but new items are made using the high-resolution scans, so there is no glare to combat and the image is clean.

Please let me know what piece you would like prints of next!

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