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Etsy and the Working Artist

I have had an Etsy store since I started this journey, but I’ve only ever had a few pieces on there, and really two sales. Given that they plan to increase their cut and I don’t do much business there anyway, I have decided that the effort of maintaining two separate stores just isn’t worth it. When the postings on Etsy that are currently there expire, I’ll be removing my shopfront from the Etsy system. I will be posting all of my products on, with feeds published to Facebook and Google. Most people won’t even notice a difference.

I am also moving my print-on-demand services to Threadless. This is primarily for the superior quality of their tee shirt offerings. I will only be offering apparel and a few other items through Threadless, however; I plan to keep stickers, magnets, and pins selling from my site. I haven’t quite determined how to handle prints, yet, but now that I have discovered the joy of high-resolution large-scale scanners, this is in the works!

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