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Future Plans

I am contemplating a major undertaking for 2022/23: a divinatory deck. Each card would be an individual painting. I’m considering classic tarot or something just to the left of that. Either way, we are talking about 60-80 individual paintings, some of which would be large format, with the originals up for sale once the deck is photographed and complete.
It’s a lot to process, and I’m nowhere near done with my animal guides series(es). I am really loving the life I’ve crafted for myself though, and looking for more outlets to make sales so that this can become a primary income stream.
Unfortunately, common card proportions (that I could manage to have mass-produced) don’t match common canvas proportions.
So it looks like there are either going to be “bars” on the paintings, or I’ll have to make sure some of the art can be cut off on the cards.
FWIW, my parents had me in art classes outside of school at ages 7-8. I’ve been training for this all my life. It’s time.
(Post photo is of cards from an unfinished deck I started YEARS ago.)

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