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BLM Hexefus and interaction with the public

Since the Black Lives Matter movement was a primary motivator in my starting on this project (which morphed into a major new direction in my work/life balance!) I decided this should be the next set that I hand-paint for sale. As with all of the Protest Hex project, giving back is important. A portion of the profits from this will go to a local “bail fund” to support BLM protestors.

I had my first negative reaction to this sign after posting this image to Instagram. A poster simply commented “Ugh!” Since I was unable to review her Instagram feed (it was set private), I couldn’t be 100% sure that she was reacting to the content. It really gave me a start. I am 100% ready for constructive criticism (hell, I made it through 5 years of DAAP….I can handle critiques!) but I feel like if you aren’t into the content…scroll along!

It made me think about why the messages I present in this series are important. Not all are hugely controversial, but most of them certainly have their share of folks on “the opposition”. (In the case of bees, this is primarily big agra-business, and I don’t see them messing around on Insta much!) It gives me hope that presenting these messages in a new way might help to reach a new audience.

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