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Continuing the Animal Guides Series

‘Tis the season for me to be gifting! As such my next item in the Animal Series was a design featuring an Animal Guide of my dear friend, Jeanne: The Hawk. I chose a Red-Tailed Hawk, as they are common in the area where we live.

Hawks are teachers of clarity and far-seeing. To symbolize this, I worked with some “yin/yang” imagery (seeing the darkness in the light and the light in the darkness), light bursting forth from the shadows, and clouds. Clouds were a new technique for me, and it took a while to work out the best method to get realistic rain clouds that weren’t TOO ominous.

Initially, I thought I would show the flying hawk from above, so that the lovely plumage of the back of the Red-Tailed Hawk could be seen, but in my research, I learned that in ornithomancy, a Hawk showing it’s back to you is considered an ill omen. To provide positive juju only, I made sure both hawks were displaying their breast!

I am moving into production on this sign this week, so look for it in the store next week! It’s already available on pinbacks, stickers and magnets on Zazzle!

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