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When I created my first set of hand-painted hex signs (for my own deck) I used a 1/8″ thick birch board from WoodPeckers Crafts. While this thickness is very nice, I found it difficult to find a good way to hang it. The stretchy plate holders I planned to use caused bowing, it was too thin to drill into, and the lightness caused some blowing in the wind.

In offering my art for sale, I wanted people to have more options, so I “upgraded” to a 1/4″ thick size. I will be offering my signs at 8″ diameter, 12″ diameter, and 16″ diameter. I’m still working on pricing, but they will start at $35/80/120 for the simpler designs.

I still have a few 1/8″ thick 16″ diameter boards left, so if you plan to drill through your sign to hang it, that may be preferred, please custom order that!

I’m excited to get started.

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