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Pet Portraits

After working on a variety of Animal Guides, I decided to pursue images of the Animal Companions in my family. This is a very personal project, not something I would sell in itself, but I am considering offering pet portrait signs as a service for commission.

I began with the eldest living four-legged family member, Kitteh, primarily because she is not only extremely photogenic, she knows how to model and will hold a pose long enough to get a good shot.

As I’ve done with the Animal Guides Series, I wanted to give these Companion signs their own signature, and decided upon aspects of personality symbolised as a background and as a border. In Kitteh’s case, she is both a lover and a biter, so I thought of Bast, who is associated with both love and war, and definitely associated with cats! In doing some research, I found a grave statuette that depicted Bast with wings, and I sketched those out into a background pattern. The background symbol is painted in an “interference” pigment, which means that it blends into the background in some light, and is quite visible in other lights. A “hidden” talent, if you will.

In our home, she is quite the noble character, so a crown and purple background seemed appropriate. This crown is a old design of mine, that I am fond of for no really good reason, and it made a delightful border, gilded as are all of my Animal Guide signs.

Next up, Jeff! Jeffrey Allan Goldblum (yes, he is named after the performer) is a playful soul and young, so he’s always on the move and it’s not easy to get a good photo of him really in his element. In order to create a pose like I wanted, I took a whole series of photos and compiled four different shots to get a sketch together.

He is a hunter (crossed arrows) and loves EVERYONE (hearts). His other mama selected teal as his background color, and I think he stands out nicely on it.

Lookit them EARS!

Once I can get source imagery of our Rat Terrier mix Tucker where he isn’t featuring only NOSE or EARS, I’ll get started on his portrait, then I’ll move on to portraits of my Angel Pups, Cassie and Carmen.

Would you be interested in a pet portrait? I’m thinking the pricing for these will probably start at around $175 and vary depending on complexity and size.


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