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Reflections on my first “vendor booth”

This past weekend I participated in a local neighborhood festival, Westwood Works Second Saturday Curbed, and while there were challenges, it was a delight! I am excited to share that I will be participating in the July 10 and August 10 events as well!


FIRST BOOTH!!!! Ar Westwood Second Saturday. @westwoodworks #artmagic #witchtok #pride #ohgodstheheat special thank you to Laura Sabo!

♬ original sound – Catherine M. OBrien

My new friend Laura S. was so kind to assist in setup while I suffered heat issues, but once I got my body to behave, I had a lovely setup (thanks to Laura and K.A.) and began enjoying *interactions with the public*. It was so gratifying to watch people enjoy my art and the stories behind it.

Enough work was sold to make back the cost of participation, and I hope I made a few followers and possibly fans. I learned some things, which will be helpful for my next booth, which I am preparing for already! Next month I hope to have physical copies of my coloring books for sale, which will come with a small crayon pack to occupy littles while parents enjoy the music and brews.

I look forward to visiting with more lovely Westwood residents and visitors next month!

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