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The Pentacle

One of the things I tend to do right around Greater Sabbats (such as Samhain) is clean up my altar space. Full breakdown, clean everything with Florida water, replace as needed, reconsecrate and reconstruct. This time, I was cleaning my pentacle, and decided it was time for a refresh.

I am a big believer in putting as much of your own energy into the altar tools as possible, so when I can, I make my own. When I first began training with Black Forest Clan material, I was living with my then boyfriend in a small apartment style condo. I didn’t have room for a permanent altar, so I created what I called an “altray”.

This neatly held everything I needed to do my work, and could easily be put away when I wasn’t working. I designed an intricate Celtic knot pentacle design for the center of the altray and used a wood burning tool to make it permanent.

Later, when I had moved into a house and had a whole room for magical endeavors, I used a scroll saw to cut out the pentacle from the tray, and have used it as my altar pentacle for many years that way.

I decided (perhaps foolishly) to create a painted version of this pentacle. I scanned the original and attempted to trace it out in illustrator. Once I lost patience trying to figure out the over/under with illustrator, I just printed it out for tracing and marked the lines to ignore with little red “xx” marks.

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This thing was damn near seizure inducing to figure out and paint, but I got into it and shading all the over/unders was fun. I chose to highlight the elements with colors commonly associated with each, the pentagram in silver and the circle in gold. Metallic and “mermaid” pigments add a bit of sparkle. Since I also work with Braucheri, I decided to do a hexefus on the flip side.

I had not intended to offer this for sale. I made it for myself. But the response to the photos suggests that I should offer it, so it will be available in the store as a custom request painted to order.

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