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Westwood Second Saturday and Booth Feedback

Westwood Works Second Saturday was another success, and I’m starting to get the hang of this booth thing! My lovely spouse assisted me this time, and we made lots of new friends and I hope, new fans!

We set up the tables with primarily Activism on one side and Animal Guides on the other. I added some explainers and information signs, but they were flat on the table because I got the wrong kind of frames (booo). Sadly, the last month was just too crazy to sort out coloring books in time for the event, but I am still hopeful to have them next time around. I will also be adding more pins, stickers, and magnets for those who enjoy collecting them all!

I have one more summer booth at the August 14th Second Saturday Event, and then I’m going to go into big time creative mode to finish up some commissions and new designs in time for holiday shopping!

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